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Agalteca Mining - Goldlake Group 

Community Involment


A good relationship with local communities is necessary for the success of Five Star Mining.
In Honduras have been promoted a number of projects to assist and support local communities in a socially and responsibly.
Since the beginning Five Star Mining has established with the employees trust, sharing, to achieve the production targets agreed.
Members of the realities that work together in partnership with Five Star Mining enjoy the same rights as other employees of the Group.
They also developed and introduced innovative processes which have all increased the efficiency and productivity.

Among the main actions undertaken in the area include:

  • adjustment and maintenance of 30 km road, plus the construction of bridges and variants for a total system of 40 km;
  • irrigation systems expanded to 10 km of road in order to eliminate the risk of dust in the air caused by the transit of heavy vehicles;
  • construction of a plant for drinking water;
  • establish an area park;
  • construction of shelters and community service.