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Agalteca Mining - Goldlake Group 

Code of practise



Business ethics
All Five Star Mining activities must be implemented in respect and maintenance of ethical values of business, such as integrity, honesty and respect for the law in every country where it operates.

Responsibility to the community 
Five Star Mining intends to develop its mining activities in an ethical and social environment, lifestyle and culture of local communities.

Five Star Mining is heavily involved in protecting the environment in which it operates. This approach is constant improvement of the environmental impact of its mining activities, through the observance of all laws, regulations, requirements and, where possible, "international best practices in this area.

Protection of health and safety 
Five Star Mining is committed to creating for its employees with a workplace safety and health standards higher, also provides a system of constant medical care for its employees.

Protecting the quality of work 
Five Star Mining intends to refuse all forms of discrimination and ensure equal treatment, based on merit, to all its employees. At the same time, they seek to promote skills development of their employees through appropriate training programs.

Respect for human rights 
Five Star Mining supports the principles expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations. Our local operating units are required to maintain an open dialogue with local communities and their representatives (governmental and nongovernmental), which ensures that potential effects of our operations are quickly identified and the risk is managed effectively.

Protection of shareholder value 
Five Star Mining works in order to achieve an economic performance and provide a financial return appropriate to the risk assumed by shareholders who have invested their capital in the activities of this business