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Agalteca Mining - Goldlake Group 

Monte Redondo



Five Star Mining is controlled by a reality Goldlake Group and operates in the extraction of iron ore at the site of Monte Redondo (Agalteca) in Honduras. The mining area, which covers an area of 600 hectares in size, (e grant covers an area of 7,500 hectares), hectares and has estimated reserves of more than thirty million tons, is situated in a particularly favorable Honduran ports that are located on the Pacific Ocean on one side (Porto San Lorenzo) and Atlantic Ocean on the other (Port Cortes).

The iron ore is available in Monte Redondo significant raw material quality that can be used, depending on the type, both for the steel industry, both for the cement industry. Also the most developed is ideal for industry and pigments for special preparations, including for biomedical.

The area in which it operates today Five Star Mining is a historic mining site in Central America, thanks to investments made in recent years can now be developed on an industrial scale by directly involving local people. In fact, benefit communities through direct involvement in both mining and logistics, including through the creation of cooperatives of local services operating in synergy with the same Five Star Mining.