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Agalteca Mining - Goldlake Group 




For Five Star Mining, responsible business means we can catalyze positive change for our neighbouring communities and protect the environment around the area of our operations. We achieve this through technological innovation, establishing mutually beneficial business relationships with our host communities, and operating to the highest environmental and social standards. Five Star Mining’s activities in the exploration, mining and processing of iron ore are conducted in accordance with our values.

  • Innovation: we continually search for technical and management solutions that improve our business processes and products.
  • Entrepreneurship: we persist and grow by identifying new opportunities to create economic and societal value through our business ventures.
  • Trust: we build confidence in our working relationship by being open, communicating, freely about our business and delivering on our commitments to our employees, partners and investors.
  • Sustainability: we insist that every initiative and investment has a strong orientation towards social and environmental sustainability.
  • Personal Commitment: we expect each of our employees to make his or her own individual contribution to our business and to be driven by a team spirit.
  • Local Integration: we design all our projects to be closely integrated with our neighbouring communities and local economy.