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Agalteca Mining - Goldlake Group 

Company Overview



Five Star Mining (FSM) is a company headed by Goldlake Group, actually engaged in multi-metal mining Italian in Central America, particularly Honduras.
Goldlake Group is part of Gold, the family holding company of Franco Colaiacovo, one of the founders of Colacem third Italian manufacturer of cement and concrete. Aral is the partner company of the Goldlake Group.
The mining of Agalteca is focused today on the Honduran deposit of iron ore called Monte Redondo, which has 600 hectares in size, (e grant covers an area of 7,500 hectares), with huge reserves already verified and certification course for tens of millions of tons.
The organizational approach of FSM is in line with the industrial model of Goldlake Group which operates in close collaboration with local communities and the environment.

The strengths of Five Star Mining are:

  • an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of mining and a vision of great development of the various business opportunities;
  • an established "track record" in business in other countries besides Italy.
  • a sound philosophy of sustainable business development in both ecological and social
  • an entrepreneurial approach with centralized control in the management and business development in all its various stages of operation and no interaction with third parties; 

Goldlake Group Corporate Purpose, Values, Core Competencies and Policies: